August Break

3 geraniums cropped

For the last couple of years I’ve tried to participate in Susannah Conway’s ‘August Break’ photography project. I’ve come to realise that trying to complete every challenge, daily, doesn’t work for me – I fall behind and end up giving up. But I do find I’ve taken photos I would never have otherwise taken, and sometimes I’m even pleased with the results! Which, after all, is the real point of a creativity challenge. This photo is one I took last year – quite different from my usual landscapes. So this year I’ll be using Susannah’s imaginative list of prompts to inspire and encourage experimentation, at my own pace. Today’s prompt was ‘Morning Light’ – which I will have to catch up with tomorrow morning…


7 thoughts on “August Break

  1. Jessica Cangiano says:

    Lovely garden capture! As a general rule, I feel the same way with things, such as photo or writing challenges, that require you do them daily. The specifics of my life rarely accommodate such well, but I enjoy the inspiration and might-not-have-otherwise-enjoyed them experiences that can come from working with such challenges on my own terms.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    • darkandbrightart says:

      I’m always so impressed with people who do manage to produce an interesting response to these kind of prompts each day, but for some of us inspiration strikes when we’re not putting ourselves under unhelpful pressure (particularly where health is a factor). I’m finding this so much more rewarding for not rushing it and having time to plan the way I respond to the prompts. Will be posting some photos soon! X

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